Why You Need To Budget For An Event Photographer

I recently came across an event here in NYC that would benefit from having any event photographer attend their event and document it.

But they didn’t budget a photographer!

This is troubling for a few reasons.

  1. The event was in partnership with another business that effectively uses photography for their business.
  2. They spent money on advertising, which is obviously important, if nobody knows about your event then nobody is going to attend, but I’d venture to say that using word of mouth advertising, blogging, and other low cost advertising would have been more effective.
  3. It’s a dance party which means there will be a lot of action and no one to capture it is just a shame, people love to see themselves having a good time, and they love to share it too!

Now you may say to yourself, I’m sure someone will have an iPhone to take pictures, and you’re probably correct.

In fact, I created an infographic on the pros and cons of using a professional photographer vs. your camera phone, click here to check it out.

This particular event is in the evening, which means lighting is going to be crucial and your camera phone just isn’t going to cut it.

As your event photographer, my job is to put the focus on getting the right photos of everyone having the best time possible.

I work the crowd, engage them, make introductions, and I balance out the event with posed shots and candids.

Snapping a few pictures on a camera phone just doesn’t yield the same results.

So when you’re budgeting your event, be sure to include a line item for professional photography.

It can make all the difference by having amazing memories that can be used to promote future events.

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Scot Maitland