Here is how I can help you:

Are you a small business that needs ongoing content and editorial work for your blog, newsletter and social?
Are you a small business that needs event or conference photography?
Are you an individual that need professional photography?
Do you need photography for LGBT community events?
Do you need photography for local street events?



I’ve been a writer and photographer for more than eight years.


From owning my own publication to contributing to others, my work has seen millions of readers.


My style is: conversational and informative.


And I am expert at a creating story that is interesting, concise and hits its mark – every time.

Why do you need a content expert on your team?


For content of course.


My writing will help you so you can focus on what you do.


It will compliment your website SEO, drive your customer loyalty, and give more reason for clients and customers to connect with you.

Why do you need a photographer on your team?


Photography creates memories that last forever. 


Timely and frequent photos help your business with PR.


Having events and having me on your team creates a  reason to connect with your current, past and future clients.

Here are some of my other offerings:


Short form content

Street photography sessions

Photography workshops

Long form content

Personal event photography

Website content creation

Business event photography