The Difference: Professional Photographer vs Smart Phone


It can be tempting to forgo hiring a professional photographer for your event or party.

I mean everyone has a camera on them at all times these days on their phone.

And the technology continues to get better and better each year.

So is it worth it to hire a professional photographer or should you just use your smartphone?

Smartphone: It’s handy, it’s in your back pocket!

Professional: Has all the proper equipment to handle different light situations which can make a huge difference.

Smartphone: It’s less formal and gives your event a lighter air.

Professional: Lends a sense of professionalism.

Smartphone: An app can be downloaded to your phone to shoot in RAW so you’ll be able to capture larger files with accurate color.

Professional: Shoot photos in RAW format instead of JPG and that means they capture higher quality images with accurate color.

Smartphone: Ultimately a smartphone camera puts the responsibility on you, a family member, or an employee to capture the essence of your event.

Professional: But perhaps the best reason for hiring a photographer is that they are responsible for capturing the essence of your event, not you.

If you have questions about hiring a photographer, or you’re interested in a complimentary consult to see if a professional photographer is a right move for your event, email me today or give me a call at 512-965-6800.

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Scot Maitland