They Say Good Artists Copy, But Great Artists Steal


I’m always looking to explore new ways to push my photography.

After all, don’t you want a photographer who’s always trying to be better?

Picasso said, “good artists copy, great artists steal.”

But I refrain from spending too much time looking at other photographer’s work for inspiration.

I don’t want to get lost in trying to duplicate all the elements that make it a great photograph.

For me, the inspiration comes from artists who paint, sketch, or sculpt.


What was the artist thinking when they began their work?

What was the story?


Recently, I worked on some portraits using three different artists as inspiration.


Roland Caillaud (1905 – 1977)

Roland was known professionally as Roland Caillaux and sometimes by Roland Caipland.

He was a French actor, as well as an artist who was known for his homoerotic illustrations.

The sketch I used is titled “Tattooed Soviet sailor.”

Alonzo Cano (1601 – 1667)

Alonzo was a Spanish artist and a triple threat: painter, architect, and sculptor.

He’s known for his religious works, specifically the Madonna and Child in the church of Lebrija, as well as for having a terrible temper.

His sculpture of Adam from the bible story of Adam and Eve was my inspiration.

Sámuel Lányi (1792 – 1860)

Sámuel was slightly more difficult to find out information on, but I did learn that he was an engineer and painter.

The painting of his I choose was a self-portrait.

Choosing a photographer that gets you and your story is important.

And as your photographer, that’s my job.


Book your portrait or headshot today and let’s tell your story!


Scot Maitland